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As a behavioral ecologist, I am deeply interested in understanding why nature works the way it does. What a complex question, isn't it? It is probably one of the oldest, yet most challenging, questions that humans have attempted to answer. To help solve this puzzle, my research seeks to unravel how and why the environment and phylogenetic history of organisms shape natural and sexual selection, two key evolutionary processes for understanding male and female life histories, species richness, population viability, species extinction rates... I use to do it using a behavioural approach - Ethology is simply fascinating


I have worked with several research institutions around the world. My publications cover several research areas including ecology, evolution, animal behavior, animal communication and physiology. I also try to increase the knowledge about the natural history of species. 


During these years, I have presented my work at scientific congresses and events. I also enjoy organizing such meetings. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of mentoring undergraduate, MSc and PhD students, with whom I have learned a lot during our journey together.


In science,  the road is long, hard and beautiful. The conclusion is clear: there is no time to waste.

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Let's work together



- Postdoc fellow researcher: University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain.

- PhD Biology: National Museum of Natural Sciences - CSIC, Madrid, Spain.
- MSc Biodiversity: Autonomous University of
Madrid, Spain.
- Degree in Biology: Alcalá de Henares University, 
Madrid, Spain​

Thank you!

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