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"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" (John Muir, 1918)

As a conservation photographer, I feel photography as one of the most powerful weapons to show the marvels of nature. My work tries to not only offer an artistic view of what I am living, or/and from what I am learning, but also to create an attractive and strong link between society and natural world by supporting my images with stories. As a matter of fact, storytelling is the philosophy I adopt to open new avenues of understanding between our culture as human beings and our role as a key species that inhabits our planet. 
We are in a time when every step focused on understand the complexity of nature can lead to a piece of its conservation; and we really need to expand our awareness on the importance of protect nature: so, let's do it with a camera in our hands!
Over the last years, I have been lucky enough to live multiple photographic experiences that allowed me to capture moments, places and striking species with my camera.
As a result, I have obtained different national and international awards:
Overall  winner (British Ecological Society, 2019) and winner of "Close-up and Personal" and "Dynamic Ecosystems" categories (British Ecological Society, 2019); Winner best fauna photography in EDC Natura Awards photocompetition (2019);  Runner up overall photocompetition, category winner "Close up and personal" and  2 highly commended (British Ecological Society, 2018); Runner up of category  "Ecology and Envionmental Sciences" (Royal Society, 2018); Category winner  "Close and Personal" (British Ecological Society, 2017); Overall Runner up (BMC  Ecology, 2017); Category winner "Ecosystems and Communities" (British  Ecological Society, 2016); Highly commended (Royal Society, 2016); Overall  winner (British Ecological Society, 2015)
In addition, photography and scientific knowledge are together invaluable tools that have helped me to gain skills as a writer. In fact, I have the privilege to own a section in "Mètode Magazine" (in English, Spanish and Catalan) where to publish articles related with photography, nature and scientific knowledge. 
 Since 2015, my images have been shown in Spain and other countries in Europe through particular exhibitions, as well as in global events in museums and other institutions managed by the British Ecological Society or The Royal Society. Some of my images have been featured in different media, which offered me interesting new ways to connect my photographic projects with general public.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work as a photographer, for assignements, teaching, interviews, prints, sponsorship and more:
(0034) 633 789 200

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