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“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” 

― Jane Goodall

As a conservation photographer, I feel photography as one of the most powerful experiences to generate empathy with nature. My work tries to not only offer an artistic view of what I am living, and from what I am learning, but also to create an attractive and strong link between society and nature. For this purpose, I combine the power of images with the story and/or scientific knowledge behind them to open new avenues of understanding between our culture, as human beings, and our role as a key species to maintain and protect our planet. 

   We are in a time when every step focused on understanding the complexity of nature can lead to a piece of its conservation. Precisely because of this, showing the outstanding places from all over the world, the striking species that inhabit a wide array of ecosystems, as well as the surprising natural processes that happen every day, is likely one of the most promising avenues to raise awareness on the importance of thinking in nature before taking government, professional or personal decisions.
If it is urgent to fight for nature, let's do it with a camera in our hands.

I am a regular contributor in Mètode magazine and National Geographic Spain, as well as Canon ambassador (Canon Pro Master; Spain).

National and international awards:

- 2022. Selected in the category “People Choice” (photo: “The hunter became hunted”); Wildlife Photographer of the Year | First prize in the category "Plants and Fungi" (photo: “The story of a conquest"), second prize in the category “Environmental photojournalism” (photo: “Devastated”); Montphoto contest | Highly Commended  in the category “Other animals” (photo: “A light among the shadows”); Memorial Maria Luisa | Overall winner (photo: “The story of a conquest”); BMC Ecology and Evolution image competition.


- 2021. Finalist in the category “Humans and Nature” (photo: “Glowing mating”); XV Golden Turtle | Winner in the category "Behavioral Ecology" (photo: “The Hunter"), “Population Ecology” (photo: “Small big migrations”) and “Human Evolution & Ecology” (photo: “Learning to be human”); BMC Ecology and Evolution image competition.

- 2020. Finalist in the category “Animals” (photo: “Glowing mating”) and in the categories “Animals” (photo: “Mouth”) and “Insects” (photo: “Trapped”); Close-up Photographer of the Year photocompetition | Winner in the category "The Art of Ecology" (photo: “Mouth”) and highly commended in the categories “Dynamic Ecosystems” (photo: “Hunter”) and “People and Nature” (photo: “Invasion”); Capturing Ecology, British Ecological Society photocompetition | Finalist in the category “Small worlds” (photo: “lighting the movement”); Fotonoja photocompetition.

- 2019. Overall winner (photo: “Red night”) and winner in the categories "Up Close and Personal" (photo: “Fluorescence”) and "Dynamic Ecosystems" (photo: “Small warrior”); Capturing Ecology, British Ecological Society photocompetition | Winner of the best fauna photography (photo: “Sand diver”); EDC Natura photocompetition.

2018. Overall runner up (photo: “Living fossil”) and winner in the "Up Close up and personal" (photo: “Web of life”); Capturing Ecology, British Ecological Society photocompetition | Runner up in the category "Ecology and Environmental Sciences" (photo: “Mars”); Royal Society photocompetition.

- 2017. Winner in the category "Up Close and Personal" (photo: “White silk”); Capturing Ecology, British Ecological Society photocompetition | Overall runner up (photo: “Connections”); BMC Ecology photocompetition.

- 2016. Winner in the category "Ecosystems and Communities" category (photo: “The three”); British Ecological Society photocompetition | 2016. Runner up in the category "Ecology and Environmental Sciences" (photo: “At night”); Royal Society photocompetition.

- 2015. Overall winner (photo: “Birth”); British Ecological Society photocompetition.

My photographic work has been exhibited in several national and international events, as well as in international mainstream media. 
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