Roberto García Roa

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" (John Muir, 1918)

Over the last years, I have conducted multiple photographic trips that allowed me to capture moments, places and striking species with my camera.
 As a result, I have obtained different national and international awards:
Overall  winner (British Ecological Society, 2019) and winner of "Close-up and Personal" and "Dynamic Ecosystems" categories (British Ecological Society, 2019); Winner best fauna photography in EDC Natura Awards photocompetition (2019);  Runner up overall photocompetition, category winner "Close up and personal" and  2 highly commended (British Ecological Society, 2018); Runner up of category  "Ecology and Envionmental Sciences" (Royal Society, 2018); Category winner  "Close and Personal" (British Ecological Society, 2017); Overall Runner up (BMC  Ecology, 2017); Category winner "Ecosystems and Communities" (British  Ecological Society, 2016); Highly commended (Royal Society, 2016); Overall  winner (British Ecological Society, 2015)
*Five covers (Global Ecology and  Biogeography, Boletín Asociación Herpetológica Española x2, The Bulletin x2)
*Author of the section "Foco Verde" in Mètode Magazine (
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